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India’s most experiential B.Tech in CS at GD Goenka University

Master 5+ in-demand programming languages like C++, Java & Python

Build expertise with 6+ new-age Tech Specialisations & a Management Minor

Showcase your skills by creating digital game, E-com website & Android app

Learn beyond classroom with Global Immersion & Discover India Journey

Placement Protection Plan
Why Sunstone Select?

You Discover. You Transform.

You Discover. You Transform.

Discover the world beyond your classroom with experiential immersion every year as you engage with your peers and industry leaders

Year 1 : Ignition Week

You will start your B.Tech journey with a dynamic week-long session, crafted to foster connections with fellow students and faculty members.

Year 2 : Discover India Journey

You will travel to 8 cities, interact with local & global businesses, and explore digital transformation in India’s fastest-growing markets.

Year 3 : Global Immersion

You will gain a global perspective as you visit international tech hubs in Dubai, experience diverse cultures and interact with global business.

Year 4 : Leadership Retreat

You will participate in leadership training, workshops and panel discussions to unleash the changemaker in you.

You Develop. You Disrupt.

You Develop. You Disrupt.

Demonstrate your programming skills with projects every semester to create a portfolio that makes you stand out from the crowd

Year 1 : Build a Digital Game

You will learn programming languages like C, Java and build your digital two player game with UX/UI and tools to debug your code.

Year 2 : Build an E-com website

You will develop an E-Commerce website with implementation of web security in web programming languages like HTML & JavaScript.

Year 3 : Build an Android App

You will develop your own android mobile application with interfaces, APIs & UI elements in programming languages like Java & Kotlin.

Year 4 : Build a Payment Portal

You will learn to examine network encryption, API integration & database design and build your reliable payment gateway.

You Build. You Achieve.

You Build. You Achieve.

Build a successful career and develop your professional skills by gaining hands-on experience through real-life projects every semester

Year 1 : Tech Conclave

You will engage in workshops, hackathons, and coding challenges to develop your skills.

Year 2 : Influencer Challenge

You will identify a tech content niche and build your audience to grow your personal brand.

Year 3 : Venture Initiation

You will ideate, build your product or service and execute your own venture from scratch.

Year 4 : Social Innovation

You will help an NGO refine its operations and increase its reach with your technological prowess.

Become a Tech Ninja

Develop your expertise in diverse tech skills and tools

Learn cutting-edge technologies to create innovative solutions in the real world

Become a part of global community and ace international competitions

Showcase your skills and talent on a global platform by participating in international tech competitions

Curriculum Overview

Year 1 : Start Your Journey

Kickstart your B.Tech journey with a dynamic week-long session, crafted to foster connections with fellow students and faculty members

  • Induction and orientation
  • Campus tour
  • Introduction to mentors
  • Learning circle

Semester I

  • Quantum Physics for computation
  • Mathematics – I
  • Problem Solving for Programming
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Introduction to Programming

Semester II

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics – II
  • Object Oriented Programing Systems
  • Data Structures and Algorithm
  • Database Management

Semester I

  • Build a Digital Two Player Game

Semester II

  • Develop a Voice-based Booking System

Semester I

  • Tech Conclave

Semester II

  • First Paycheck Challenge

Semester I

  • Communication Fundamentals
  • Design Thinking

Semester II

  • Digital Toolkit
  • Numerical Ability

Year 2 : Explore and Engage

Dive into India’s cultural diversity as you travel through 8 cities & broaden your perspective on our socio-economic landscape

  • Visit 10+ fintech & agritech companies
  • Meet true Bharat Technopreneurs
  • Visit MNCs and learn from tech giants
  • Visit startup incubation centers & industry floors

Semester III

  • Create an Intranet Media Streaming Server

Semester IV

  • Develop an E-Commerce website for a local business

Semester III

Core Modules:

  • Design & Analysis of Algorithm
  • Digital Design
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Java & PHPs
  • Microprocessor

Semester IV

Core Modules:

  • Theory of Computation Ecosystems
  • Web Technology & Architecture
  • Computer Networks

Core Electives :

  • Dual Specialisation I – Course I
  • Dual Specialisation II – Course I

Open Elective :

  • Open Minor – Course I

Semester III

  • Tech Influencer Challenge

Semester IV

  •  CXO Mentorship

Semester III

  • Reasoning Ability

Semester IV

  • Environmental Science

Year 3 : Specialise and Level up

Visit another country and experience its economy, businesses and local culture to gain a global perspective

  • Interact with cohort of 50+ countries
  • Compete in global tech competitions
  • Get exposure to Dubai Auto Expo
  • Get tech immersion in Silicon Valley

Semester V

Core Modules :

  • Operating System
  • Compiler Design

Core Electives :

  • Dual Specialisation I – Course II
  • Dual Specialisation II – Course II

Open Elective :

  • Open Minor – Course II

Semester VI

Core Modules :

  • Human Computer Interface (UI/UX)
  • Data Visualization & Analytics

Core Electives :

  • Dual Specialisation I – Course II
  • Dual Specialisation II – Course III

Open Elective :

  • Open Minor – Course III

Semester V

  • Build an Android Mobile Application

Semester VI

  • Create an interactive google search chatbot

Semester V

  • Venture Initiation

Semester VI

  • One Week CEO

Semester V

  • Managerial Communication

Semester VI

  • Advanced Numerical Ability

Year 4 : Connect and Learn

A week full of leadership development to inculcate life skills that will help in succeeding professionally and personal throughout life

  • Mindfulness & self defense training
  • Strategy building workshops
  • Lifestyle & design thinking workshops
  • Life skills session by armed forces

Semester VII

Core Modules :

  • Software PM, Engineering & Testing

Core Electives :

  • Dual Specialisation I – Course IV
  • Dual Specialisation II – Course IV

Open Elective :

  • Open Minor – Course IV

Semester VII

  • Build a payment gateway

Semester VII

  • Bug Bounty Challenge

Semester VIII

  • Social Technovation

Semester VII

  • Strategy & Decision Making

Industry Certifications

Give your professional career a boost with tech certification courses offered by TCS iON

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G.D Goenka University, Gurugram

GD Goenka University is an internationally acclaimed and premier institution aimed at directing the students towards research and innovation

Awards & Recognitions: NAAC Accredited, Approved by AICTE, UGC Recognised

Facilities Available: Library, Amphitheatre, Skating rink, Pharmacy, Salon, Supermarket, Restaurants, ATM Facility, 24X7 Security and Maintenance

Total Fee: ₹10,80,000

Upto 100% scholarship available

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the career trajectory after Select B.Tech Program?2023-04-19T13:18:00+00:00

Sunstone Select B.Tech program is divided into year-wise themes where you will go through outdoor learning immersions and industry integration.

Our experiential activities and career tracks will help you gain hands-on experience in coding, software development, and training in data analysis, machine learning & artificial intelligence which prepares you for roles like Software Developer, Data Scientist, IT Consultant, Cyber Security Analyst or even an Entrepreneur. 

This could be a great way to start as every immersion transforms you into a changemaker.

What are the selection criteria for admission to Sunstone Select B.Tech Program?2023-04-19T10:16:17+00:00

Apply for the Batch of 2023, on the basis of following criteria:

  • Passed Class 12th with 50% marks in aggregate
  • Physics and Mathematics are compulsory subjects, and Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology, Biology, Informatics Practices, Biotechnology, Technical Vocational subject, Agriculture, Engineering Graphics, Business Studies or Entrepreneurship can be one of the optional subjects
  •  For lateral entry: 50% marks in aggregate in years of diploma
What is the minimum guarantee for the job CTC?2023-04-12T08:24:09+00:00

We are confident in our program and our ability to place you. However, we also think that nothing can replace hard work and dedication.
Sunstone’s Placement Protection Plan assures that you are placed – Guaranteed 10+ job interviews at 8+L CTC or Sunstone will reimburse 2X of Sunstone fee*

*T&C apply.

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